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plan your getaway and come play. you never know who you'll run into. >>> it's 79 degrees and a big warmup is on the way. we'll have details in the complete first warning forecast with bernadette coming up in a moment >> >> desperate search for survivors after a cruise ship sinks in russia. all of the 100 people, including children are feared dead in the murky waters. a few passengers were able to swim to shore. another boat rescued about a dozen other people >> >> a fiery crash upset in detroit. the accident happened on a stretch of highway known as deadman's curve. witnesses say other drivers were racing on the highway when one of the cars hit the truck. that caused him to slide off the highway, up an embankment and into the building. another person inside of the store was also hurt >> >> someone smashed the glass doors to the ed sullivan theater where david letterman tapes his show. after the man broke in, he made a mess of the lobby in the box office area. police arresting him said he was drunk during the attack >> >> a possible close call in space being monitored. nasa is keepi
of your truck. you're making a big mistake, commander mcgarrett. are we done here now? because if it's okay with you, i'd like to get back to my job evacuating the city. after which i look forward to having a nice, long chat with the governor about this incident. recognize this? we found one just like it outside of dr. russell's house. lukela: it's a sandbag. there are thousands everywhere. steve: yes, there are. (chuckles) that's smart. wait till the disaster's been averted, everybody's relieved, the cleanup's underway, and then you come back and you collect. coast guard tracked that drug deal for six months. it was supposed to be our takedown, but then hpd swooped in, took the credit. now i'm being pushed out before my 20, no pension, no benefits. my country owes me. hey... let's clear one thing up right now. you swore to support and defend this country, no matter what the cost. she doesn't owe you anything, okay? danny: this, uh... could be our last chance to say it. go on. book him, danno. how much money is this? it's $28 million. ♪ ♪ eh...! lost again! hey, babe. daddy! (gro
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2